A Little Bit of Writing

While I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions (because I believe waiting for New Years to start bettering yourself sounds more like an excuse than anything), I have decided to actually write down some of my thoughts… and it’s January of a New Year… so this may sound like a New Years resolution.

I’m not sure what will come out of this exercise, other than hopefully at the very least a lot of practice of putting thoughts together in some sort of fashion.

I’m not even sure what I’ll write about, however I think I have enough things going on in my life, that something will come.  Right now, topics like life, family, education, sports, hobbies, website development, and/or random thoughts and comments come to mind.  I see my biggest hurdle is making the time to do this, but hopefully I won’t be using that excuse much.

I recently discovered that WordPress.com publishes a daily “Writing Prompt“, so I think I’ll start there.

Let the “fun” begin…