Big E Turns 3!

Last Friday, my daughter turned 3… yes, 3! It just blows my mind watching her sometimes, how she acts, how she interacts, how she becomes more and more independent every day. You try to help her with her jacket zipper and if she is really determined to do it herself, she’ll let you know by taking off the jacket altogether and putting it back on herself!

As someone described it recently: “they go from ‘terrible twos’ to ‘three-nagers'”!

Happy Big 3 Big EI suppose it’s because I don’t live with her full-time that I don’t see all the gradual progressions in her growth. When I do see her, I try to make the most out of our time together, and while I do read about child development and observe how other families interact, when something happens, often you come up with a best-guess, split-second solution, where you try something and watch for a reaction.

Her Mother described it best last week, if you watch her and her friends, that they’re little people now. While they still need help with a lot of things, children at this age pick up information at an incredible rate and start to really interact (more with themselves) in a way that adults can better understand.

So, while it’s been a slow progress, I certainly feel her wanting to interact with me moreĀ each time we see each other. These are unbelievable moments when this happens that I never thought I would feel and I take great pride being around her. It feels like I’m learning something new every time I’m with her, sometimes something about her and sometimes something about me. I obviously want to help her develop the best I can, so in a wonderful way, it feels like she is pushing me to keep up, to grow with her.

Happy Birthday Big E.