Big E Turns 4!

It’s hard to believe, but my little girl turned 4 on Saturday. Four-years-old!

I can’t fully explain or describe how proud I am of her. Like most kids (I imagine), it’s amazing to watch how fast they grow, and how independent they become so quickly. Not everything, of course, but it seems each time I see her, I’m always learning something new from her that she picked up somewhere. Who knows where. Her mind is such a sponge, soaking up information left, right, and center. Big E still occasionally longs to be picked up when she’s tired or upset. She still can’t reached the light switch, so she asks for help every time she needs to go to the washroom, but she does have a step that she moves around that has allowed her to reach things she couldn’t before.

This age is really special. I’m sure all of them are (or will be), but this age is really neat. They’re young enough that they want to be helpful (pouring ingredients if you’re cooking something or setting the table) and really attentive. I’ve learned it doesn’t take much to get her attention, that she can really sense the tone in my voice when I’m being serious. While she’s quite shy around people, especially people she doesn’t know, when it’s just the two of us, it’s really neat to watch her personality come to life. There is this fearlessness in young kids that is really cool, where they just make things up with what they have. Big E likes to paint or make arts and crafts, so I take recycled cardboard or toilet paper rolls and she paints it or add pipe cleaners or random stickers to it and makes it her own creation. (I suppose I’m thankful that she knows what to paint and leaves the furniture alone!) Another example of this is when we go tobogganing. The snow has been pretty lackluster this year and sometimes the grass is sticking through. That doesn’t faze her. She knows how to move her body to get the momentum going forward. I follow her down, sliding next to her, and when we get to the bottom, she bursts out laughing or smiling. Nurturing and seeing these creative and athletic endeavors coming to life really makes me happy as it feeds and helps grow her body and creative soul.

Big E Turns 4