WP Trick: Disabling the Admin Bar

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Today I solved an issue that had been bugging me for a little while: How to Remove the Admin Bar.

This is great for any membership or subscription website with protected content and you want to keep users on the front end.

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Hiking Chester Lake (Kananaskis, AB)

Chester Lake - Me by 2nd Lake | Andrew D. Forbes

Chester Lake is one of those hikes that you have to go at least once. With a high “amazing scenery to effort” yield, a lot of people go many times, hence it’s quite popular.

The complete hike was 15.3 km in length, gained 612 meters (2008 feet) in elevation and it took me a little over 4 hours.

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Hiking Buller Pass Loop (Kananaskis, AB)

Back of South Buller Pass with Ribbon Lake in the back and Guinn's Pass to the right | Andrew D. Forbes

Buller Pass (or Passes) Loop is a loop consisting of the less-used North Buller Pass and the more popular (South) Buller Pass in Spray Valley Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country. According to GPS, the loop was about 16km in length and we gained 825 meters in altitude, getting up to 2,470m (8,103ft) in elevation.

This was another hike I had to redo after another “misadventure” a year ago.

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Hiking Old Baldy (Kananaskis, AB)

Crazy Clouds Approaching Old Baldy | Andrew D. Forbes

Old Baldy is a popular ridge to climb in the Kananaskis area of the Canadian Rockies, off of Highway 40. From the trailhead to the summit, it’s roughly 13km with an elevation gain of 2,830 feet to 7,830 feet in altitude.

This is my adventure of hiking Old Baldy (Round 2) through crazy clouds, heavy rain, and slippery scree.

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New Website Launched: Formark Ltd.

Formark Ltd. | Kanata, Ontario

Formark Ltd. had gone through a lot of changes in the company the past few years and a new website was needed.

I worked with David Forbes sifting through the existing content and developed a fresh new clean responsive design to reflect the change and focus of the company.

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The Rocky Mountaineer Experience

Chateau Lake Louise at Night | Andrew D. Forbes

About a month ago, I hopped on a bus to meet my family in Jasper. The reason for this trip was to take part in the Rocky Mountaineer voyage, a rather luxurious train/bus ride that really highlights the beauty of the Rockies and the BC Interior.

While the Rocky Mountaineer is certainly not cheap, the value is incredible. That is why it is definitely a worthwhile bucket list item!

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Halfway Mark of 2015 Goals

Andrew Best Year | Andrew D. Forbes

It’s been 6 months since I stumbled upon Jaime Tardy interviewing Michael Hyatt on setting goals, the catalyst that inspired me to set some goals for the year and really make 2015 an amazing year.

Here is an update on my 2015 goals.

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New Website: Paramount Investigation

Paramount Investigation Group Website

Doug Morrison had recently decided to put his RCMP expertise to use and start a new safety investigation business called the Paramount Investigation Group.

Michael Valenzuela of AMV Design designed the logo and I developed a clean responsive design to help get his name out.

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