Captive’s Choice

Daily Prompt: You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

This is a tough question to answer when you start to consider the type who would kidnap someone and leave them on an island as opposed to an unknown forest or strange building.

If it’s an island, I have visions from Pirates of the Caribbean (sadly without Penelope Cruz) and would assume these are Somali pirates who have kidnapped me, and watching me from a distance, taunting me, waiting for me to break down and starve until I give them what they want… money… it’s usually money.  (Memories of recent news articles brought Somali pirates into this story.)  If I tried to swim away, I would be shot or sharks would get me (everyone knows there’s always sharks around “kidnap-able” islands – sharks from Jaws).  Given the advantages they would have (boats, food, time) and limitations I would have (finite space to go, lack of food), I don’t like this option.

If it’s an “unknown” forest, that means it could be magical, which scares the bejesus out of me.  Thanks to the TV show Once Upon a Time (something about childhood fairy tales set in an grown-up setting keeps me watching) and Ents (from Lord of the Rings), I now think dense woods have trees with minds of their own with roots that you cannot see.  I don’t like this option either.  At least on an island, you can see who has kidnapped you (well, unless they really want to leave you stranded and left to die).  If I am stuck in a magical forest with Ents and other angry or dangerous animals that find you wherever you go, I am toast!

That leaves me with a “strange” building.  This option could also go horribly wrong for me (I am being kidnapped after all) if I draw scenes from Saw (I never watched past the first movie).  I am going to go on the premise that I am conscious for this decision and I do not wake up handcuffed in a dilapidated bathroom nor have to kill anyone to survive.  That being said, I like my chances of survival when I can see what’s around me (another assumption that it’s not Google or NSA or someone with crazy surveillance who kidnapped me), and not worried I’m going to be poisoned (unless the building turns out to be a pyramid from Raiders of the Lost Ark and there’s snakes around).

Of course, perhaps I’m holding out hope that I’m trapped in The Matrix and I will awake somewhere else.  That will make any of the above scenarios irrelevant.