Halfway Mark of 2015 Goals

It’s now been roughly 6 months since I stumbled upon Jaime Tardy interviewing Michael Hyatt in January. That interview was the catalyst that inspired me to set some goals for the year and really make 2015 an amazing year. While I have since learned it is better to set fewer BHAGs (Jim Collins’ famous “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”), I came up with 10 goals that were a mixture of personal, parental, financial, and business goals that I thought would really push myself and improve myself in many ways. (You can read that initial post in its entirety by visiting Creation of Goals for 2015.)

The Workings of Andrew's Best Year | Andrew D. ForbesAs a recap, my initial 2015 goals were:

  1. Go on a date by end of March
  2. Learn 2 new pieces on piano each month
  3. Get Big E skiing by end of year
  4. Make $xxx in web development/maintenance
  5. Put away $xxx in savings
  6. Donate $xxx to charity
  7. Run 2 Half-Marathons between 1:45-1:50
  8. Hike 12 mountains and Backcountry 4 times and Blog/Photograph about it
  9. Write 2 Blog Posts each month about non-mountain things
  10. Read 1 book every 2 months

Since then, I have made some great progress on some, struggled with others, refined a couple, and simply changed course on one.

After a lot of reflection and fine tuning, here is my update on the half way point of 2015:

1. Go on a date by end of March 2015

This is a frustrating one for me. In February, I signed up for eHarmony, thinking that with their 50+ setup questions and fancy formulas, it sounded like a great place to meet women. I’ve also met a few couples that originally met on eHarmony and are happy together. Long story short, despite having some fun conversations with a few girls, this is still a work in progress as I’m still looking to go on a single date! Three times I thought it was going to happen and I got stood up… still trying…

Big E Skiing for the 1st Time | Andrew D. Forbes2. Learn 2 new pieces on piano each month

While the first 2 months I was committed and certainly enjoyed playing, I decided to drop it as it doesn’t really align with my vision. I’m still playing once in a while, but learning new pieces is no longer a goal for this year.

3. Get Evelyn skiing by end of year 

DONE! On February 15, 2015, a week after turning 4, Big E went skiing for the first time at Nakiska! It was an awesome occasion!

4. Make $xxx in web development/maintenance

I’m slightly behind but close, as of June 29, I’m approximately at 45% of my goal. Fortunately, I have some solid leads plus some renewal contracts coming up in the Fall, so I’m still committed to reaching this goal.

5. Increase my 2014 savings by ~50% to $xxx

DONE! Full disclosure: I received a little help from a family member, and with that generosity, I’ve already surpassed my goal.

Andrew MEC Half Marathon | Andrew D. Forbes6. Triple my Charitable Donations to $xxx

This year, I decided to triple the amount of money I donate to my local church, Scarboro United Church from the previous year. While I’ve already donated as much as I did in 2014, as of June 29, I’m a little behind on my 2015 goal, but I’m confident I’ll be able to make my commitment.

7. Run 2 Half-Marathons between 1:45-1:50

On May 16, in the pouring rain, I ran 21.1 kilometers in 1:43:49, which I’m quite proud of. Interesting story: during my training, I realized that if I ran while listening to podcasts, not only would I learn something, I actually ran at a more consistent pace. Needless to say, I was listening to podcasts from Peter Voogd’s Gamechangers Movement and Hal Elrod’s Achieve Your Goals series and successfully beat my goal. (The 2nd Half-Marathon is scheduled for the Fall.)

8. Hike 10 mountains & Backcountry 4 times, then Blog/Photograph about it

This one I’m a little surprised that I’m behind on. I did go backcountry skiing at Stanley Peak Fire Break and I did go Cat Skiing at Valhalla for 2 days (which I count), but I’ve been lagging on the hiking! I did hike Razor’s Edge in May (the write-up is coming soon), but with a family wedding in June and other commitments, I’m behind. Needless to say, I really need to up my game here and get out to the mountains more often!

Valhalla Catskiing Group | Andrew D. Forbes9. Write 2 Blog Posts each month about non-mountain things

Here is another area I started off strong and a few were done in January and February plus revised a couple of older ones, but I definitely need more focus on writing more.

10. Read 1 book every 2 months

Committing to reading more is something I should have done a long time ago! Not only am I learning a ton by reading but I’m also sleeping better by making it a ritual to read before I go to bed. The books that I’ve read this year are: Hal Elrod’s “Miracle Morning“, Tim Ferriss’ “4 Hour Workweek“, Peter Voogd’s “6 Months to 6 Figures“, Jeff Walker’s “Launch“, and I recently started reading “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown. Certainly no fluff in any of them! Hal Elrod and Peter Voogd have transformed my morning routine, starting my day off strong and purposeful; Tim Ferriss and Peter Voogd have really changed my thinking of business and goal planning; and I learned a lot about email marketing from Jeff Walker that I’m hoping to incorporate one day.

NEW 11. Speaking to someone playing the game at a higher level once a week

This goal replaced my goal about playing more piano. While I really do get a lot of enjoyment from playing piano, Peter Voogd introduced me to the saying: “if you want to be a millionaire, talk to billionaires, because they will get you there faster”. This struck me and I immediately realized that I should be making a concerted effort to engage with people who are doing interesting things and that I admire. This has certainly been an interesting journey and I’m quite grateful to have conversed with the high quality people that I have met up with so far.

So that’s where I’m at. With 6 months down and only 6 months left to achieve my BHAGs! Feeling great achieving my 2015 goals!

(All photos are credited to and/or owned by Andrew D. Forbes.)