New Website Launched: Kurt Hans Guenther

I am pleased to announce that I just launched a new website for my cousin, Kurt Guenther.

This project actually began around the same time as the Market Metrics website.  Back in September, while visiting my parents in Ottawa, I was chatting with my cousin who had only months earlier, moved to Toronto.  We were hoping to meet up on this trip, but it just didn’t work out.  Instead, we spoke on the phone about me building him a website to help his career as a musician and producer.  I recall sketching out ideas and looking up websites that I could mimic.  I was convinced I really wanted to mimic the website of DJ Tiesto – high energy, pictures/video of people partying and having fun.  I even started fooling around with a few themes and started putting together a few pages; however, one day I came across a theme by iThemes that had all functionality that I needed with a very clean, cool look (quite a contrast from DJ Tiesto, but would work).

The site was progressing well, however (an issue that often plagues progress) my cousin got sidetracked/busy and didn’t send me the content needed.  After a couple of attempts, I stopped bugging and weeks turned into months of no progress.

In January, there was a little push; we spoke and I received a few tracks and a new bio.  I was in the middle of finishing off the Market Metrics website and was pretty busy.

Finally in April, we both were focused on getting this done.  I received the information I needed; Kurt loved the theme I had chosen; and work was getting done.  We came up with a game plan to launch a site to introduce Kurt to people in a clean, simple way: a name you can’t miss with a picture on the Home page, a simple bio page, followed by dedicated pages to showcase music, video and pictures, and finally a way to reach him.  I also embedded his Facebook page to the Home page because that was the main method he wanted to show people what he’s up to.

The site was launched on May 2.  You can check it out at

This is just Stage 1, as there are more features he wants.  Stay tuned.

Kurt Hans Guenther Website