New Website: Paramount Investigation

Paramount Investigation Group
Calgary, Alberta




Did a very nice design and set up and listened to the client. Well done.

Doug Morrison, Managing Director & Founder, Paramount Investigation Group


Doug Morrison had recently decided to put his RCMP expertise to use and started a new safety investigation business called the Paramount Investigation Group. It was a brand new company and he needed a logo and a website. I worked with Doug to build a website to get his name out to individuals seeking investigative expertise and contracted out the logo design work. An additional consultant was brought in to review the content of the business.

Why WordPress was chosen

Paramount Investigation Group needed a Content Management System so the Managing Director could retain control of the content and update the website on his own. Using WordPress with the help of iThemes Sync, the Managing Director could easily update the website with a simplified backend, so he only had access to what he needed to accomplish his tasks.

Project goals

The main goal of this project was to get the new company’s name out to the world and leverage its expertise, so the company could help people (and companies) looking for investigative services during a safety mishap. Michael Valenzuela of AMV Design designed the logo and Jennifer Meister reviewed the Paramount Investigation Group website copy. The choice of a website with a fresh clean responsive (mobile compatible) look and feel was important to emphasize safety, incorporate the elements of the logo, and be SEO friendly and easily searchable. Standard analytics tracking was also implemented to help the company get a better idea how people are interacting with the website.


The project has been deemed successful with a brand new logo, along with a clean responsive website to help establish the Paramount Investigation Group’s brand.