SODV9101 - Cloud Application Essentials - Lesson 1 Slides

IBM Cloud Essentials & Developer

Instructional Design & Teaching: IBM Cloud Essentials & Developer Courses

I took the slides from IBM's Cloud Application Developer course and their Training Student Exercises to develop two courses for Bow Valley College, SODV9101: Cloud Applications Essentials & SODV9201: Cloud Applications Development for a classroom format. Since the audience was adults reentering the workforce, I focused on adult learning theory to make the content relevant, so they understand why they are learning the content, and kept them motivated with many short quizzes and assignments. I also included a variety of multimedia in the course slides including text, images, and videos, to help cater to different types of learners.

I later taught the two courses to a group of 12 learners at Momentum, a training center in Calgary, Alberta, over a span of 13 days.