Shanon Fisher

Andrew Forbes is the Online Delivery Officer for the School of Business at Bow Valley College and besides the added pleasure of working closely with him for over two years, he has also contributed to enhancing my workplace experience because of his example and enthusiasm.

During this time the number of programs and students has increased substantially. Andrew’s outstanding technical and personal skills are largely responsible for the success and in addition to those skills he is also well versed in the processes of admissions, registration, and eCampus programs. All these areas require a high degree of problem solving abilities to which Andrew‘s personal attributes are a gift.

He has an instinct to be innovative resulting in additional methods to present information on the external website and revising the online brochure. The promotion of the programs benefited from his attention to detail and creativity.

Whatever the degree of the challenge, Andrew is consistent with his calm and pleasant demeanor. He has a natural ability in creating a positive environment.

Shanon FisherAssistant to the Dean, Business DepartmentBow Valley College