The Luckiest People

Daily Prompt: Who was the first person you encountered today?

During the winter months, I instruct skiing part-time at Nakiska.  I choose to work at Nakiska because I find it a great mountain to teach at (nice progression of levels of difficulty for learners) and because of its proximity to Calgary (~1 hour drive).  So, while an hour may not sound too long (especially if you have ever lived in Toronto or an avid skier that doesn’t live directly in a ski town), when you have to do it twice a day with 6 hours of exercise in between, it’s nice to carpool (plus it saves a lot on gas money).

The guys that I have been carpooling with recently are Graham and Fernando: both great skiers in their 60s and both former tradesmen.  Graham (well, currently only semi-retired thanks to the flood) is from Toronto and Fernando from Italy (I can’t remember exactly where).  Graham is a well read, open minded guy and Fernando, your traditional catholic Italian with firm convictions and always ready with an opinion of anything.

Today was my day to drive and I was late.  I got back behind schedule by a couple of minutes, then of course every delay compiles when you start to scramble: keys take longer to find, traffic is unexpectedly going below the speed limit, etc… By the time I arrive at the meeting spot, I was about 8 minutes late and before I could even stop, I could hear Fernando yell: “Hey Chico!  Where the *&^% were you?!  We were just about the leave!”

And that was the first person I encountered…