Why do I bother flying with Air Canada?

Air Canada finds new ways to disappoint each time I fly with them.

It had been a couple of years since I last flew with them (where they thought conversing among each other was more important than helping a waiting customer than when I finally got their attention, informed me that I was late by 2 minutes to meet their 1 hour check in time limit and had to schedule and pay for the difference).

As a result, I was less than thrilled to go with them again but my sister had purchased her ticket on our latest trip home so I agreed to follow suit.

Funny how things change, even within a couple of years. Apparently, no longer are the flight attendants required to show where the exit signs are or do their ‘safety skit’. In fact, on the flight going East, they didn’t seem to have to do anything, as we didn’t see any of them until we were roughly 45 minutes into the flight. I had dutifully buckled my seat but was working on my phone the whole takeoff and no one seemed bothered to check or care. When they did come around, they are now only allowed to offer 1 non-alcoholic drink twice over the ~3 hour flight. (Apparently, they can’t afford to offer a bag of bits and bites that probably cost them 10 cents!) My seat was also broken, so I couldn’t recline. Alas…

Fortunately there was entertainment and I plugged in and watched a movie that killed time. The availability of movies (and they have some good current ones) for free is probably the only positive selling point Air Canada has.

On the way back West, it was a different experience.

The flight attendants seemed to have a little more interest in checking in and making sure everyone is ready for takeoff, which was nice to see. It was the same amount of snacks (2 small cups of tomato juice), but at least the flight attendants were pleasant.

Unfortunately this time around, none of the entertainment units worked! They gave some excuse that we were on the first flight of the day and the part of the plane that housed the electronics was frozen and not responding. That really soured the flight since they couldn’t get the 1 thing I actually liked to work!

As a result, it made for a LONG flight. I slept for part of it but all they gave us because of the TVs not working was a newspaper! Naturally, it didn’t take long to get through that plus the enRoute magazine.

Not terribly impressive…

Then they wonder why each flight was at best 60% full…

At least my bags showed up.